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The Zodiac


Two Entire Packs of Cards


  • Marriages may be made in the Zodiac with cards from the Equator (but not vice versâ) and from the talon or pack, but cards in the Zodiac cannot marry each other, neither can those in the Equator do so. Marriages may be made in ascending and descending lines, and the same packet may contain both.

  • The foundations must follow suit.


Deal eight cards in a horizontal row called the "Equator." Then deal a surrounding circle of twenty-four cards called the "Zodiac."

The foundations are not formed till the end of the game. They are to consist of the four aces and four kings of different suits, the aces ascending in sequence to kings, the kings descending in sequence to aces.

Having placed the tableau, you proceed to marry (Rule I) and to refill the spaces from the talon, or, where there is no talon, from the pack, but you are not obliged to do either until a favorable opportunity occurs. You continue to deal out the cards in the usual way, those not required for marrying or for refilling spaces forming the talon. This is to be re-dealt as often as required—that is, until all the cards are placed either in the Zodiac or in the Equator. If this cannot be done, the patience has already failed. If you succeed in placing all the cards, you then begin to form the eight foundations from the Zodiac and Equator (Rule II).

It is obvious that the greatest care is required in marrying the cards, or you will so block them as to be unable to form the foundations.

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