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The Constitution


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations are formed exclusively from the "Privy Council." All cards in the other divisions, pack, or talon must ascend through each division till they reach the top before they can be played.

  • Cards in the three lower divisions may be placed in sequence on cards in the next division above them, and in this manner they may be transferred from one division to another till they reach the top.

  • When cards are placed in sequence in the "Constitution," the top card only of each sequence is available until its removal releases the one beneath.

  • All sequences must be of alternate colors and in descending line—i.e., a red nine on a black ten, then a black eight, a red seven, and so on. Any number of cards may be so placed.

  • Each vacancy must be at once filled by a card from the division immediately below it; and as this rule applies equally to all the rows, a vacancy will thus be caused in the lowest row or "People," which must be filled from the talon, or, when there is no talon, from the pack.

  • The foundations must follow suit.

Take from the pack the kings, queens, and aces—seven of the queens are to be thrown aside and the other cards placed as in tableau.
The queen of diamonds represents The Sovereign; the black kings, the Bishops; the red kings, the Judges.
The eight aces form the foundation cards or "Government," and ascend in sequence to knaves.
Deal out four horizontal rows (beginning with the lowest), each containing eight cards.
This forms the "Constitution." Each row represents a separate division.
The first (or lowest row) is the "People"; the second, the "House of Commons"; the third, the "House of Lords"; the last the "Privy Council."
When the tableau is complete, if any suitable cards are to be found in the "Privy Council" row, play them (Rule I), immediately refilling each vacancy as it is made (Rule V).
You must then examine the Constitution to see which cards may be most advantageously placed in sequence (Rules II and IV).
Note.—The success of this game depends chiefly on the play. In filling a vacancy choose the card (Rule V) which has the most chance of reaching the top, or of being useful to cards in the row below it. It is often better to defer making a vacancy till a card turns up in dealing that is required.
When you have played all available cards and placed in sequence all that you wish, deal out the remainder of the pack, the cards not required to fill vacancies in the "People" forming the talon.

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