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The Kings


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations do not follow suit, neither do the cards placed in sequence on the columns.

  • Only the outside cards of each group of columns are available until, by their removal, the next ones are released, the principle being that no card is available that has another outside it.

  • Note.—By "outside" is meant the cards on the right side of the right-hand group, and those on the left side of the left-hand group.

  • During the deal no card is available for playing on the foundations unless it is on the same horizontal line as the foundation (of either group) for which it is suitable. When the entire deal is complete, this restriction ceases.

Withdraw from the packs the eight aces, and place them in two columns, taking care that each suit is in juxtaposition as in tableau.
The eight aces form the foundations, which ascend in sequence (Rule I) to kings. On either side of the foundations, deal out a column of four cards, and if in dealing these a suitable card turns up, available for a foundation, in accordance with Rule III, play it at once; replacing it with the next card from the pack. You continue to deal out successive columns of four cards, alternately on the right and left of the first ones, until the pack is exhausted, thus forming two groups of columns, with the eight aces in the centre. To avoid confusion, it is best to deal the columns regularly, first on the left, and then on the right, side.
In dealing, never omit to play suitable cards as they turn up, subject to Rule III, for as each column is placed it blocks the preceding one (Rule II), and during the deal you may not play cards from the inner columns, even if released.
When the pack is exhausted, you examine the tableau, and may now play any available cards (Rule II), the restriction as to their being on the same horizontal line having ceased. Sequences (Rule I), both ascending and descending, may now be formed with cards on the outside of both groups (Rule II), and these sequences may be reversed, as they are required to play on the foundations, by transferring them from one packet to another. If an entire horizontal row of cards has been removed, you may place any available card at the inner end of the lane so formed, and sequences may be placed upon it, as on the others.
There is no re-deal.
Note.—It is not perfectly clear from the original whether the restriction mentioned in Rule III ceases when the deal is complete, but, the game being a very difficult one, it is advisable to interpret it in the affirmative.

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