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Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Vacancies in the garden are not to be refilled.

  • Each row of cards in the garden blocks the preceding one, but on the removal of cards in the lower rows those above them are released.

Deal out eight cards in a horizontal line. This commences what is called the "garden." When the first row is complete, take from it any foundations and place them in the allotted spaces above, and also other suitable cards, but do not refill vacancies (Rule II).
The foundations consist of four aces and four kings of different suits, ascending and descending in the usual sequences (Rule I).
Note.—The tableau is so arranged that one of the king foundations has already descended to queen, and one of the ace foundations has ascended to three. The vacant spaces in the garden show from whence cards have been removed, and not replaced; but there would probably be many more rows in the garden than are shown on the tableau.
You next proceed to deal out successive rows in the garden underneath the first one till the pack is exhausted, strictly observing Rule II.
If there is not room to place each row of the garden below the preceding one, it must be placed so as to half cover it, but in that case, especially if there are many vacancies, the rows of cards are apt to get mixed, so it is best to count from the top, to make sure that you are placing the row you are working on in its proper detached line, and are not partly refilling other rows. You must finish each row before playing from it.
When the garden is laid out, and all available cards have been played (Rule III), take up by itself each perpendicular column, beginning on the left, placing the next column underneath the first, and so on with each column in succession, so that, in turning the pack to re-deal, the last column on the right may be uppermost, thus reversing the order of each row of cards in the next deal.
The garden may be taken up twice and re-dealt exactly in the same manner and observing the same rules.

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