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The Carpet


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Cards on the carpet (teppich) are only available when one of the narrow ends is free (i.e., the top or bottom of the card). No card is available when both the narrow ends are blocked by other cards. On the tableau crosses are placed to show the available cards after the carpet has been dealt.

  • When a card from the carpet is played, it does not free the next one, because its removal cannot free either of the narrow ends of that card, yet it helps the game indirectly, and the inner cards become by degrees available.

  • When the talon is formed, any available cards from the carpet can be placed in ascending or descending sequences upon the uppermost card of the talon, following suit.

Withdraw from the pack four aces and four kings of different suits. These are the foundations, and ascend and descend in the usual sequences.
Next deal out sixty-four cards exactly in the order and pattern of those in the tableau. This is called the carpet (teppich). Play from the carpet all available cards (Rules I and II), and then deal out the remainder, playing suitable ones or placing the unsuitable cards as a talon. When the talon is formed, examine the carpet before you place each card of the talon, as you have the privilege of placing cards from the carpet on to the talon (Rules II and IV), and it is always advisable to do this when possible, for although at the moment the cards removed may not release others, it assists the development of the game by diminishing the number of cards in the carpet. In dealing the cards, suitable ones need not be played on a foundation, if by placing them on the talon a greater number can be freed from the carpet. The success of the game mainly depends on detaching cards from the carpet. Great care must be taken to carry out strictly Rule II.
No card can possibly be used, either to play on a foundation or to be placed in sequence on the talon, unless one of the narrow ends is free; but as other cards are removed, those even in the centre become available by a clear lane having been opened out, either horizontal or perpendicular, leading up to one of the narrow ends of each card.
The talon may be taken up, shuffled, and re-dealt twice, but great care must be taken in the third deal as to the placing of sequences. If one foundation of any suit is finished, sequences from the carpet should not be formed on the talon except in descending sequence; but, of course, if, in dealing the talon, cards should get placed in the wrong (ascending) sequence, there is no remedy, but in that case the game could not succeed.
There are two re-deals.

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