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The Nation


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • In dealing the cards of each column and counting them from one to eight, a card played on the foundation does not have its number repeated, the next card dealt counting as the following number.

  • Only the lowest card of each column is available until its removal releases the one above it; no card being available that has another below it.

Withdraw from the pack four aces and four kings of different suits, placing them above in two horizontal lines. These are the foundations, the aces ascending in sequence to kings, the kings descending to aces (Rule I). Underneath the foundations deal out eight cards in a perpendicular line, beginning on the left-hand side; and on the right of this column deal eleven other columns, each consisting of eight cards.
This would result in twelve columns of equal number of cards, as seen in tableau, but for the following conditions: In dealing the first eight cards, count them as you deal, from one to eight, and when any card is suitable for a foundation, or to continue a foundation, play it, counting the next card as the following number. For example, if the card counted as No. 4 were suitable, you play it and count the next card No. 5; and if No. 7 were likewise suitable, you would play it and count the next (and last) card as No. 8, although, in fact, the column would only contain six cards (Rule II). But although suitable cards are thus played as they turn up in the deal, a card once placed in a column cannot be removed. You should observe the same method in dealing out all the twelve columns. When the tableau is complete, the lower card of each column is available (Rule III), and may be played if suitable; and marriages also may be made, both in ascending and descending sequences, with available cards from each column.
When an entire column has been removed, the vacant space may be filled by any one available card (Rule III), and cards can be placed in sequence upon it, as on those of the other columns.
When all available cards have been played or married, the tableau is to be taken up, beginning with the left-hand column, the cards of each column being carefully kept in their proper order, the second column being placed underneath the first, the third underneath the second, and so on. Thus, when the pack is turned to re-deal, the last column will be the uppermost, and will be the first of the new columns.
The tableau may be taken up and re-dealt twice.

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