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The Fish-bone


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Kings and queens cannot find their places on the tableau until the knaves to which they belong have been placed (i.e., each foundation knave should have a king and queen of the same suit on either side, see tableau). If, therefore, a king or queen should turn up in the deal, it must be consigned to the talon, unless one of the knaves of the same suit is already placed to receive it.

Deal out six cards on the left-hand side (see tableau). These are called the gridiron. Cards in the gridiron may marry in ascending sequence, but only with cards from the pack or talon, and not with each other. The foundation cards are the eight knaves, which descend in sequence to aces (Rule I), and are to be played as they appear in the deal, in a perpendicular line (see tableau). You next examine the gridiron, and if a knave is there, play it, as also any other suitable cards to continue the foundations, and as kings and queens appear, place them, in accordance with Rule II. You continue to deal out the entire pack, playing on the foundations, and marrying in ascending sequence on the gridiron, from which you play all suitable cards, refilling vacancies from the pack or talon. Never omit to place the kings and queens when it can be done (Rule II). The unsuitable cards form the talon.
If the game succeeds, the final tableau will show a line of aces, each having a king and a queen of the same suit on either side.
The talon may be taken up and re-dealt once, observing the same rules.

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