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Case I

Refusing to over trump.


9 of clubs (turn-up),
Knave of clubs,
Ace, king of hearts,
8 of spades.


King and 10 of clubs, Ace of clubs,
Ace, 9 of spades, Queen, 8 of hearts,
9 of hearts. Knave of diamonds,
10 of spades.


7, 8, and 10 of diamonds,
Queen of spades,
10 of hearts.

Score, love-all. A adopts the trump.

_First Trick._--B leads knave of diamonds, C plays the seven, D ruffs
with the ten of clubs, and A throws away the eight of spades.

_Second Trick._--D leads the ace of spades, A ruffs with the nine of
clubs, and both B and C follow suit.

_Third Trick._--A leads the right bower and catches the ace and king
from B and D, while his partner throws his small diamond.

_Fourth Trick._--in this case A will win whether he leads the ace or
king of hearts; but his play should be the king, since his partner
cannot help him in any way, and B might hold the left bower and pass the
king of hearts, when he would ruff the ace.

REMARKS.--If A goes over the ten of trumps with his right in the first
trick, he will be euchred. This is the simplest coup, and is in constant
use. It is not good euchre to do this when your partner has assisted.

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