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The "louis" Patience


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit, as do also cards of the alphabet.

  • During the deal each circle of the alphabet absolutely blocks the preceding one, but, when the entire deal is complete, the removal of cards from the alphabet releases those on the circles beneath, which now become available.

Withdraw from the pack four aces and four kings of different suits, and place them as in tableau. The aces ascend in sequence to kings, the kings descend to aces (Rule I). You next deal twelve cards, forming a square outside the foundations, each card bearing a letter: this square is called the alphabet. Begin the deal at letter a, and finish it at letter m, and during the deal play any suitable cards as they turn up. You must now examine the alphabet, and play from it any suitable cards, but observe that as each circle of the alphabet is dealt it blocks the previous one, and cards in the lower circles cannot be used, even if released, until the entire pack has been dealt (Rule II).
You next proceed to deal out a second circle of twelve cards, on the top of the first one, beginning as before with a and finishing with m; and you continue to deal out successive circles until the pack is exhausted, observing the same rules with regard to each circle.
When the entire pack has been dealt out, and all available cards have been played (Rule II), you are allowed to form marriages, both in ascending and descending line, with the available cards of the alphabet. When no more cards can be played, or married, take up the alphabet in succession, beginning with the letter g, and ending with f. In this manner the order of the packets is reversed.
Then, without shuffling, deal out all the cards as before, beginning at a, and finishing at m, observing the same rules as in the first deal. If during this second deal a card turns up suitable alike for an ascending or descending foundation, you can place it on either, and you may change it from one to the other. If you prefer it, you may even lay the card aside for the moment, playing it on whichever foundation appears the most suitable as the game progresses.
There may be three re-deals.

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