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Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Cards dealt on to the promenade need not follow suit, and are not necessarily placed in sequence.

  • Only the uppermost card of each packet of the promenade is available until its removal releases the card beneath.

  • Cards may be played as they turn up in the deal, but a card once placed on the promenade cannot be played until each deal of twenty cards is complete.

Deal out two horizontal rows, each consisting of ten cards (or you may, if you prefer it, place four rows of five cards): this is called the promenade.
The foundations will consist of four aces and four kings of different suits, the aces ascending in sequence to kings, the kings descending to aces (Rule I). During the deal, if any foundations appear, place them at once in their allotted spaces, and also play any other suitable cards as they turn up, refilling vacancies from the pack. When the first deal of twenty cards is complete, examine the promenade and play from it all suitable cards.
When no more can be played, deal out a second row of twenty cards, always, however, playing suitable ones as they turn up in the deal. This second row of twenty cards must be placed on the top of (i. e., covering) the first row, but in any manner and on any cards of the promenade you please. You have the option of heaping several cards on to one packet, or of merely placing a second row on the top of the first; but you must carefully count the cards as you place them, as each deal of twenty cards must be complete before any can be played—(the cards that have been played during the deal do not count among the twenty). Continue to deal out in like manner successive rounds of twenty cards, observing the same rules, until the pack is exhausted. Between each deal examine the promenade, and play from it all available cards (Rule III), refilling vacancies from the pack.
The success of the game entirely depends on the skill of the player in arranging cards on the promenade. It is advantageous to place cards in sequence, and of the same suit, on the packets of the promenade (although it is not required, see Rule II), as they are then ready to be played on the foundations; but the greatest care is required to avoid placing two ascending or two descending sequences of the same suit on any packet, as one of the two would necessarily be useless, cards not being transferable from one packet to another.
There is no re-deal.

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