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The Terrace


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • Only the last card (i.e., the right-hand one) of the Terrace is available till its removal releases the card next to it.

  • The foundations ascend in sequence and must be formed with alternate red and black cards.

  • Cards in the valley may be transferred in alternate descending sequence from one packet to another, and the uppermost card of the talon may also be placed in sequence on the valley, but, like those of the foundations, the sequences in the valley must be formed of alternate colors.

  • Only the uppermost cards of the valley packets are available until their removal releases those beneath.

Deal out from left to right a row of thirteen cards. This is called the Terrace. You next turn up from the pack in hand three cards, and choose one of the three as a foundation. Place the foundation card underneath the Terrace on the left side, and the seven other cards of similar value will take their places, as they turn up in the deal, in a line with the first foundation (see tableau).
You next place your two rejected cards underneath the foundation, and deal out seven other cards alongside, forming a third horizontal row of nine cards. This is called the valley. From the valley you take any foundations, and having placed them, you play also any other suitable cards (Rule II); but you must first examine the Terrace, as cards must always in preference be played from the Terrace (Rule I). Having played all suitable cards, and refilled the vacancies in the valley from the pack in hand, proceed to place cards in sequence in the valley (Rules III and IV), of course playing them in preference on the foundations when possible, but remember always to examine the Terrace, as the success of the game depends entirely on detaching cards from the Terrace. If even a suitable card could be played from the valley, and none were at the moment available on the Terrace, it would still be better to refrain from playing it, if an equally suitable card from the Terrace were likely shortly to be released. In reference to your choice of the foundation cards, you should always examine the available card of the Terrace and choose, if possible, one below it in value.
You next proceed to deal out the entire pack, playing on foundations (Rule II), placing and transferring cards in the valley (Rules III and IV), and refilling vacancies.
There is no re-deal.

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