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General Sedgewick


One Entire Pack of Cards

  • The original five cards forming the cross are available, but when they are covered by the addition of others, only the uppermost card of each packet is available until its removal releases the card beneath.

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Cards on the cross may be transferred in descending sequence from one packet to another, and cards from the pack or talon may also be placed in descending sequence on those of the cross.

  • Cards on the cross need not follow suit.

Deal five cards and place them in the form of a cross.
The next card turned is to be placed in the left-hand upper corner, and this constitutes the foundation card, the three others of similar value, as they appear, being placed in the three other corners (see tableau).
The foundation cards ascend in sequence (Rule II).
Having placed the cross and the first foundation, play any foundation or other suitable cards from the cross, filling the vacancies from pack or talon. You then proceed to transfer cards on the cross (Rules I, III, and IV); and although not necessary, it is very advantageous that these packets should be of the same suit, as they are then ready to be played on to the foundations, and to effect this by transferring the cards backward and forward as much as possible should be the great object of the player.
Continue to deal out the cards till the pack is exhausted—playing, transferring, and refilling vacancies. The non-suitable cards form the talon.
There is no re-deal.

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