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The Labyrinth


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Only cards in the highest or lowest rows are available, until a card from any other row is released, by the removal of cards either above or below it, the principle being that no card can be used that is not free either from the top or the bottom. Small crosses are placed on the tableau to mark the cards that are available.

  • You can only refill vacancies in the lowest row as the deal goes on (i.e., in the row which you are actually dealing).

  • Each row must be completed before you can play from it.

Withdraw from the pack and place in horizontal line above, four kings and four aces of different suits. These are the foundations, the aces ascending in sequence to kings, the kings descending to aces (Rule I).
You next deal out ten cards in a horizontal row, and when the row is complete, play any suitable cards on the foundations, refilling the vacancies from the pack or talon.
Proceed to deal out a second row of ten cards underneath the first, playing suitable ones as before, playing also from the upper row, and refilling spaces subject to Rule III. As you may only refill vacancies on the last row which is being dealt, there will be many gaps in the tableau as you proceed.
You continue thus to deal out the entire pack in successive rows, each row completely blocking the preceding one unless the removal of a card releases the one above it, or unless the removal of cards in the upper rows (Rule II) releases that card from above.
When the pack is exhausted and you have played all available cards, if the game has not succeeded, you have one more chance, i.e., the privilege of removing any one card from the tableau, taking care, of course, to remove the card which blocks those most needed. The choice of this "grace" is the only point left to the skill of the player.
There is no re-deal.
Note 1.—Some players instead of taking the foundations from the pack, wait till they appear in the deal.
Note 2.—The dimensions of the tableau preclude the insertion of the spaces for the foundation cards.

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