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Light And Shade


Two Entire Packs of Cards


  • The foundations ascend in sequence, but are formed in alternate colors: red ace, black deuce, red three, and so on.

  • Cards placed on the Auxiliaries descend in sequence, but must also alternate in color.

  • Vacancies in the Auxiliaries are filled by cards from the Rivals; vacancies in the Rivals, by cards from the pack or talon.


Withdraw from the pack the eight aces, and place them in a horizontal line (the suits as in tableau). These are the foundation cards, which ascend in sequence to kings (Rule I).

Next deal out eight cards and place them above the foundations in two rows, four cards in each (see tableau). The upper row is called the Auxiliaries; the lower one, the Rivals. If any suitable cards are found in the Auxiliaries, play them, filling the spaces so made from the Rivals (Rule III). Cards from the Rivals may be placed in descending sequence on those of the Auxiliaries (Rule II), and the sequences so formed will be played as opportunity arises on to the foundations. Continue to deal out the pack, playing, placing on the Auxiliaries, and refilling spaces according to rules—the non-suitable cards forming a talon.

It must be remembered that cards can only be played on the foundations from the Auxiliaries, and not straight from the Rivals or from the talon; cards from these must first pass into the Auxiliaries.

There is no re-deal.

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