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The Empress Of India


Four Entire Packs of Cards

  • All cards in the Army and Navy are equally available if played in pairs (i.e., one black and one red), but no card of either color can be played on a foundation unless a card of the other color is played at the same time on another foundation.

  • Vacancies in the Army and Navy must be immediately refilled with cards of their own color from the talon, or, when there is no talon, from the pack.

  • Cards from the pack or talon cannot be played at once, but must first pass through the Army or Navy.

  • The talon consists of two packets, one of red, the other of black, cards.

  • The foundations must follow suit.

Withdraw from the pack the eight black aces and the eight black queens, the eight red kings, and the eight red knaves.
Place these cards as in the tableau, throwing aside the four queens of spades and three queens of clubs.
The remaining queen of clubs represents the Empress; the knaves, the guard of British soldiers, and these nine cards remain alone.
The eight black aces and the eight red kings are the foundation cards, the aces ascending in sequence to kings, representing Admirals, the kings descending in sequence to aces, representing Generals.
Note.—The red sequences must omit knaves, the black ones must omit queens.
Deal out four horizontal rows, each containing twelve cards, of which the two upper rows are to be red (the Army), the two lower ones black (the Navy).
They are to be dealt at the same time, and if after the two rows of one color, say red, are finished, more red cards turn up, they must be laid aside as a talon (Rule IV).
When the Army and Navy are complete, if any available pairs of cards have been dealt (Rule I), play them (the first pair must, of course, be a black two and a red queen), and refill the spaces; but if there should be none, you may proceed to pair cards. Any card in the Army may be placed on any card in the Navy, and vice versâ, but the cards so paired cannot afterwards be separated, but must be played at the same time on their respective foundations. The vacancies thus made must be immediately refilled (Rule II).
Each card can only be paired once.
You may choose your own time for pairing cards. For instance, if you require, say, a ten of clubs for one of the foundations, you may defer making a vacancy in the Navy until the ten of clubs is at the top of the talon. When you have played all available cards, deal out the remainder of the pack, those not required to fill vacancies being placed in two packets (Rule IV).
There is no re-deal.
Note.—The Army and Navy could not be placed in the tableau from want of space.

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