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The Besieged City


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • The foundations are formed with cards from the Ramparts and from the pack. Cards from the talon must pass through the Reserve, and the Reserve must pass into the Ramparts before they can be played.

  • Cards in the Ramparts may be placed on each other either in the usual ascending and descending sequences, or in the order in which they will be played, viz., queen on two, knave on three, and so on, or vice versâ. They must be of the same suit; and sequences, both in ascending and in descending lines, may be placed in the same packet.

  • Cards in the Ramparts may be transferred from one packet to another at discretion (the top card of each being alone available), and they must follow suit.

  • Cards in the Reserve may in the same way be placed on those in the Ramparts, but only on the cards at the ends or sides of the line from which they are taken.

  • Note.—In the tableau the four of clubs could only be placed on cards at A, B, C, or D, and in this case only on D.

  • Vacancies in the Ramparts are filled from the Reserve with any card in the row at the end of which the vacancy occurs.

  • Note.—In the tableau a vacancy at B or D could only be filled by the four or ace of clubs, or by the seven or six of spades; and a vacancy at A or C, by the ace of diamonds or by the three or four of clubs.

  • Vacancies in the Reserve are filled from the talon or, when there is no talon, from the pack.

  • The foundations must follow suit.

Deal twelve cards in four rows of three cards each. Then deal an outside row of fourteen cards placed crossways. These are the "Ramparts." The inside twelve cards are the "Reserve."
The foundation cards are four aces of different suits. On these are placed kings, then deuces, queens, threes, and so on, each foundation consisting of alternate sequences, ascending and descending, and finishing as well as beginning with aces (Rule VI).
Having placed the tableau, take from the Ramparts aces or other suitable cards (if any have been dealt), and play them in their allotted places, immediately filling each vacancy as it occurs (Rules IV and V); this must be done throughout the game. Then transfer cards in the Ramparts, and from the Reserve, as directed in Rules II and III.
When you have done all that you wished (for it is optional), and again played if you can, deal out the remainder of the pack, the cards not suitable for the foundations being placed in a talon.
At the end of the patience, when the talon is exhausted and all the cards have been dealt, should there still be cards in the Reserve which cannot be transferred to the Ramparts, you may transpose them to effect this if you can.
This patience is exceedingly difficult.

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