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The Clock


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • When the circle is formed, the uppermost cards of each packet are available, and their removal releases as usual those beneath.

  • Marriages can only be made with cards in the circle, and not with those from the pack or talon.

  • Vacancies in the circle must be refilled with cards from the pack, but not from the talon; each packet must be refilled so as to contain not less than three cards.

  • The twelve foundations must follow suit.

Withdraw from the pack the twelve cards, as in Tableau No. 1, and place them in their exact order against the hours of the clock represented. These are the foundation cards, and are to ascend in sequence until each packet attains the hour of the clock against which it is placed.
Having placed these twelve foundations, proceed to deal out a circle consisting of twelve packets of three cards dealt together—so spread that each card is visible (see dotted line). From this circle you first play all suitable cards (Rule I), and then marry in a descending line (Rule II), and then refill spaces (Rule III). This last should be done in order, from left to right, beginning at the numeral I, and all the packets refilled before proceeding again to play or to marry.
Note.—Although each packet must never contain less than the original number of three cards, they will often, by marriages, contain more.
You are not obliged to play cards which would be more useful if left on the circle.
When all further progress is at an end, deal out the remaining cards; play all suitable ones, then marry and refill spaces, but be careful not to infringe Rule II.
The cards that cannot be so employed are laid aside in one packet, forming the talon, which can only be used to play on the foundations.
There is no re-deal.

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