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The Blockade


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • All cards in the first row are available, but as each row is placed it blocks the preceding one.

  • The removal of any card in the lower rows releases the one immediately above it, the principle being that all cards are available that have no others below them.

  • The foundations must follow suit.

Deal out twelve cards in a horizontal line. Aces may be played as they appear, but no other card can be played until the row is complete. The eight aces are the foundation cards, and are to ascend in sequence to kings.
When the first line is placed, play any suitable cards, and then marry in descending line, but be careful to place the cards exactly over each other, to avoid confusion. The vacancies thus caused must be immediately refilled from the pack, then again play and marry. When neither can be done, deal out another row underneath the first, and, when it is complete, play, marry, and refill spaces as before.
You continue to deal out successive rows until the pack is exhausted, always pausing between each row to play, marry, and refill spaces.
In the course of the game vacancies will often be made in the higher rows. These must always be refilled first.
There is no re-deal.

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