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2. A game consists of thirty points obtained by tricks alone, exclusive
of any points counted for honors, chicane, slam, little slam, bonus or

3. Every deal is played out, and any points in excess of the thirty
necessary for the game are counted.

4. When the declarer wins the number of tricks bid, each one above six
counts towards the game: two points when spades are trumps, six when
clubs are trumps, seven when diamonds are trumps, eight when hearts are
trumps, nine when royal spades are trumps and ten when there are no

5. Honors are ace, king, queen, knave and ten of the trump suit; or the
aces when no trump is declared.

6. Honors are credited in the honor column to the original holders,
being valued as follows:--

When a Trump is Declared.

3 honors held between partners equal value of 2 tricks.
4 " " " " " " " 4 "
5 " " " " " " " 5 "
4 " " in 1 hand " " " 8 "
4 " " " 1 " {5th in " " " 9 "
5 " " " 1 " {partner's hand " " 10 "

When no Trump is Declared.

3 aces held between partners count 30
4 " " " " " 40
4 " " in one hand " 100

7. Slam is made when seven by cards is scored by either side,
independently of tricks taken as penalty for the revoke; it adds forty
points to the honor count.[24]

[24] Law 84 prohibits the revoking side from scoring slam or
little slam.

8. Little slam is made when six by cards is similarly scored; it adds
twenty points to the honor count.[25]

[25] Law 84 prohibits the revoking side from scoring slam or
little slam.

9. Chicane (one hand void of trumps) is equal in value to simple
honors, i.e., if the partners, one of whom has chicane, score honors,
it adds the value of three honors to their honor score; if the
adversaries score honors it deducts that value from theirs. Double
chicane (both hands void of trumps) is equal in value to four honors,
and that value must be deducted from the honor score of the

10. The value of honors, slam, little slam or chicane, is not affected
by doubling or redoubling.

11. At the conclusion of a rubber the trick and honor scores of each
side are added, and two hundred and fifty points added to the score of
the winners. The difference between the completed scores is the number
of points of the rubber.

12. A proven error in the honor score may be corrected at any time
before the score of the rubber has been made up and agreed upon.

13. A proven error in the trick score may be corrected prior to the
conclusion of the game in which it occurred. Such game shall not be
considered concluded until a declaration has been made in the following
game, or if it be the final game of the rubber, until the score has
been made up and agreed upon.

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