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14. In cutting, the ace is the lowest card; as between cards of
otherwise equal value, the lowest is the heart, next the diamond, next
the club, and highest the spade.

15. Every player must cut from the same pack.

16. Should a player expose more than one card, the highest is his cut.


17. The prior right of playing is with those first in the room. If
there are more than four candidates of equal standing, the privilege of
playing is decided by cutting. The four who cut the lowest cards play

18. After the table is formed the players cut to decide upon partners,
the two lower playing against the two higher. The lowest is the dealer
who has choice of cards and seats, and who, having made his selection,
must abide by it.

19. Six players constitute a complete table.

20. The right to succeed any player who may retire is acquired by
announcing the desire to do so, and such announcement shall constitute
a prior right to the first vacancy.

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