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How To Declare Two-suit Hands

The only remaining case of original declaration by the Dealer is the
hand with two suits, both of which are of sufficient strength to bid.
As a general rule, it is wiser first to call the lower in value, and
then to declare the higher on the next round. This gives the maximum
amount of information, but should only be attempted when the hand
clearly indicates that there will be another opportunity to bid, as
otherwise the Dealer may be left in with a non-game-producing

The Dealer must determine from the composition of his hand whether a
second opportunity to bid is assured. When he is not very strong, the
chances are that some one else will declare. When he is without a suit
or has a singleton, it is a reasonably safe assumption that some one
will be strong enough in that suit to call it.

A few examples follow of hands which have the minimum strength to
justify the various Trump calls and also of hands which, by a small
margin, fall short:--

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