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Hands In Which A Trump Declaration Is Doubtful

Spades Ace, King, X, X, X Has five Spades headed by Ace
Hearts X, X, X and King. With Royals Trump has
Diamonds X, X, X two high-card tricks, and can
Clubs X, X take at least one with small
cards. It is, therefore, a one
Royal bid.

Spades King, X, X, X Has not high-card strength
Hearts King, Knave, X, X, X sufficient for either a Heart or
Diamonds X, X two-Spade bid. One Spade is the
Clubs X, X correct call.

Spades X, X Complies with all the requirements
Hearts King, Queen, X, X, X of a Heart bid.
Diamonds Ace, Knave, X
Clubs X, X, X

Spades X, X, X Has only four Hearts; is,
Hearts King, Queen, X, X therefore, a one Spade call.
Diamonds Ace, Knave, X
Clubs X, X, X

Spades X, X, X Has only four Hearts, but has
Hearts Ace, Queen, Knave, X sufficient high-card strength
Diamonds Ace, Queen, X to justify a Heart bid.
Clubs X, X, X

Spades Ace, Queen, X, X A two Spade bid; with one more
Hearts X, X, X Spade, it would be one Royal.
Diamonds Ace, X, X
Clubs X, X, X

Spades Ace, Knave, X A two Spade bid. With two more
Hearts X, X, X, Spades, it would be one Royal.
Diamonds King, Queen, X
Clubs X, X, X, X

Spades Ace, Knave, X, X Either two Spades or one Club
Hearts X, X could be bid, but the Club is
Diamonds X, X distinctly preferable.
Clubs Ace, Queen, Knave, X, X

Spades King, X, X, X A one Spade bid, as it has not
Hearts Ace, X, X two honors in Spades.
Diamonds Knave, X, X
Clubs Knave, X, X

Spades Queen, Knave, Ten, X, X, A three Spade bid; cannot be
X, X started as a Royal without Ace
Hearts Ace, Queen or King, and so strong, one Spade
Diamonds King, Knave, X might not be overbid.
Clubs King

Spades None A two or three Heart bid.
Hearts Ace, King, Knave, Ten, X, X
Diamonds Queen, Knave, Ten
Clubs Ace, X, X, X

Spades Ace, King A one Heart bid. So strong that
Hearts Ace, King, Knave, Ten, a higher call is unnecessary, as
X, X adverse bidding is desired.
Diamonds Queen, Knave, Ten
Clubs King, Queen

Spades Ace, King, Knave, Ten, A three Royals bid. Important to
X, X, X shut out adverse bidding.
Hearts None
Diamonds X, X
Clubs Ace, King, X, X

Spades X, X A two Diamonds bid.
Hearts King, X, X
Diamonds Ace, King, Queen, X, X,
Clubs X, X

Spades Ace, King, Knave, X, X Should either be bid one Club
Hearts X and subsequently Royals, or
Diamonds X, X started at two Royals to shut out
Clubs Ace, King, X, X, X other bidding.

Spades King, X While this hand has more than
Hearts Ace, King, Queen sufficient high-card strength to
Diamonds X, X, X, X justify an offensive bid, it is only
Clubs X, X, X, X a Spade. Two Spades would mislead
the partner as to length and
strength of Spades and might
induce him to bid high Royals; one
Heart would mislead him as to
length of Hearts; having, however,
called one Spade, the hand can
advance any declaration of the
partner and if the partner bid
either Clubs or Diamonds, can call

Spades King, Knave, X, X, X, Should not be bid one Royal, as
X, X that deceives partner as to
Hearts X, X high-card strength; two Spades
Diamonds X, X invites a No-trump, which is not
Clubs X, X wanted. Either three Spades or
one Spade should be called. The
hand, outside of Spades, is so
weak that the latter is the wiser

Spades Queen, Ten, X, X Spade honors are too weak for two
Hearts Ace, X, X Spades. One Spade is the only
Diamonds X, X, X sound bid.
Clubs X, X, X

Spades X One Club should be bid, followed,
Hearts Queen, Knave, Ten, X, regardless of the partner's
X, X, X declaration, with Hearts.
Diamonds None
Clubs Ace, King, X, X, X

Spades Queen, Knave, Ten, X, Three Spades, and on the next
X, X round, Hearts, unless the partner
Hearts King, Knave, Ten, X, has bid two Royals.
X, X
Diamonds None
Clubs X

Spades Knave, Ten, Nine, X, X, X This very interesting hand affords
Hearts None a number of correct original bids.
Diamonds Ace, Knave, X One Club, three Spades, and one
Clubs Ace, Queen, Knave, X Spade are all sound; the latter
is not apt to be left in, as a
Heart call is most probable, the
long hand in that suit containing
at least five. Three Suits being
stopped, with more than an average
hand, one No-trump is also
technically correct. The chances
are, however, that the hand will
produce better results if the
Trump be Royals, and as the call
of one No-trump may stand, it is
not wise to open the bidding that
way. Three Spades seems the most
advisable declaration, as it gives
the information most important for
the partner to receive. The risk
in calling one Spade, while
slight, is totally unnecessary,
and one Club does not warn the
partner not to bid Hearts, if he
have anything in Spades.

Should three Spades be called and
the partner declare one Heart, the
dealer on the next round could try
No-trump, but one Club, followed
by one Heart from partner, would
necessitate a Royal from the
dealer, as the absence of Spades
in the partner's hand is not then

In the event of the small Club
being transposed to a Diamond, so
that the hand contain four
Diamonds and three Clubs, three
Spades would unquestionably be the
most advantageous original call.

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