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The whole of the hands having been dealt--that is, two cards given to
each player, and also to cases of divided pairs, the drawing of further
cards commences. The dealer begins with the player on his left-hand side,
and he, if he does not require any more cards, says "content." If he does
require more, he says "yes," or, "a card," when the dealer delivers one
from the top of the undealt portion of the pack, placing it face upwards
on the table in front of the player. If another card or cards is needed,
it must be given in like manner, until the player is content or has
over-drawn. The dealer must settle with one player before he attends
to the next, and similarly, when a player is standing on divided pairs,
he must settle with one hand before attending to the other.

If the dealer gives a player two cards while the process of drawing
is going on, the player may keep either or both of them; but if he
rejects one, he must be regarded as content, and cannot draw another card.
The one rejected is added to the stock in the hands of the pone.
If the dealer in drawing gives himself two cards, he must keep them both,
and suffer the consequences of an over-draw if then his points exceed 21.

If the dealer distributes the draw cards out of order, the player or
players missed may either be supplied at any time from the top of the pack,
or they may throw up their cards.

If a player draws separately on his two cards, when they do not pair,
he has to pay the dealer on each hand, and forfeits any amount he may
have won.

In any of these cases of irregularity, the offender pays a penalty to the
pool, if there be one.

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