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The first dealer is settled by one of the company distributing the cards in
the same manner as explained in connection with "Nap" (see page 9), except
that in the case of Vingt-un the player to whom the first ace is dealt
becomes the dealer. He proceeds with the game as explained on page 61.

If, in preparing the pack for the dealer, any confusion occurs, or any card
or cards are exposed, the whole pack must be re-shuffled and cut again.
If two cards are dealt to one player, the error may be rectified if
discovered before a third card is dealt; but if a third card has been
dealt, then the player receiving the surplus card must look at his hand,
and reject which of the two he chooses. If the dealer gives himself two
cards at one time, and the mistake is not discovered until another card
has been dealt, then the pone must take one of the cards, at random,
and add it to the used portion of the pack.

A card exposed in dealing may be kept or rejected at the option of the
player; but if the dealer exposes one of his own cards, he must retain it.

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