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The cards having been dealt, and the trump card turned up, the player on
the left of the dealer has the right to look at his cards, and declares his
intention to stand, throw up, or take miss. He having decided, the player
on his left does the same, and so on all round. Any player looking at his
cards before it is his turn to do so, or declaring out of turn, or looking
at the miss without taking it, or looking at either of the thrown up cards,
or at any part of the undealt portion of the pack, is looed a single, and
pays the penalty into the pool at once, but he is not debarred by any of
these irregularities--except when he looks at either of the opponent's
hands--from taking part in the play of that deal. If he looks at the cards
of any other player he is looed the full loo, and must throw up his own
cards, unexposed, unless he has already declared to stand, or has taken the
miss, in which case he has to play to the tricks, having first paid his loo
into the pool; in the event of his cards securing either of the tricks the
amount won is left in the pool for the next deal.

No player may make a second declaration, or alter one once made, and a
player who decides to stand, or who takes the miss, must play his cards
with the others interested in the stakes; he not being permitted to
stand out, lest his doing so should affect the others' play.

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