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The deal is settled in the same way as already described in connection
with Nap, and the cards having been shuffled and cut, the single is dealt,
as described on page 18. In other rounds the dealer must distribute the
cards to the players one card at a time, in regular order from left to
right, and must deal to the spare hand, or miss immediately after dealing
his own card each time. With some players deviation is permitted,
the dealer being allowed to distribute the cards in any order he likes,
and either singly or three at a time; or the miss is left until last,
when the three cards for the spare hand are dealt at once. These
departures are not desirable, and we strongly recommend the enforcement of
the rule compelling the regular distribution of cards, as herein set out.

In the event of a misdeal, an irregular distribution of the cards, or the
exposure of a card during the dealing, the dealer is looed--the amount
of the loo in this, and most other cases of penalty prior to the
commencement of the playing of the cards being the same as settled for a
single loo--and he immediately places the amount in the pool. The whole
pack is collected, re-shuffled, and dealt again by the same player, and
the game proceeds.

Any player interfering with the cards during the deal is looed, but the
cards are not re-dealt, unless they have been mixed, or a card has been

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