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When To Overbid One No-trump With Two No-trumps

When the Dealer has bid one No-trump and the Second Hand passed, the
Third Hand, much more frequently than most players imagine,
should call two No-trumps. It must be remembered that should the Third
Hand pass, the Fourth Hand can, by bidding two of a suit, indicate to
his partner the lead he desires. This places the adversaries in a much
more advantageous position than if the leader open his own suit without
information from his partner. The bid of two No-trumps by the Third
Hand generally prevents the Fourth Hand from declaring, as it
necessitates a call of three, which, sitting between two No-trump
bidders, is, in most cases, too formidable a contract to undertake.

It is, therefore, advisable for the Third Hand, on the first round, to
advance, from one to two, his partner's No-trump declaration, in every
instance in which, in the event of an adverse bid, he is strong enough
to call two No-trumps. This convention, while as yet comparatively new,
and, therefore, but little used, works most advantageously, as it
frequently shuts out the only lead which can keep the No-trump from
going game. It is important for every player to understand the scheme,
and never to overlook an opportunity to make the declaration.

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