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A New Plan For Overbidding

In this connection, a new scheme of take-out is respectfully called to
the attention of the thoughtful and studious Auction players of the
country. It is not in general use, is not recognized as conventional,
has never been given a satisfactory trial, and is, therefore, suggested
merely as an experiment worthy of consideration.

The idea is that when a partner has called one No-trump, Second Hand
having passed, the Third Hand with five or more Spades or Hearts,
unless he have four suits stopped, should bid his long suit in the
following manner: if the hand be weak, the bid should be two; if
strong, three. This warns the Dealer, when two is called, to let the
declaration alone, as it is defensive.

On the other hand, when three is bid, the Dealer knows that his partner
is strong, and he may then use his judgment as to the advisability of
allowing the bid to stand or going back to the No-trump, which he can
do without increasing the number of tricks of the commitment.

It must be remembered that, with great strength, it is as easy to make
three No-trumps as one, three are needed for game, and, therefore,
nothing is lost by the expedient.

Playing under this system, should the Third Hand hold four or five
honors in his suit, and earnestly desire to play it for the honor
score, it would be a perfectly legitimate strategy to deceive the
partner temporarily by bidding two, instead of three.

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