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When Two Spades Has Been Declared

When the Dealer bids two Spades, he gives explicit information
regarding the contents of his hand. The Third Hand is, therefore,
practically in the position of having twenty-six cards spread before
him, and the question of what he should declare is not apt to be at all

If his hand be trickless, or practically so, he must bid one Royal, as
that reduces the commitment from two tricks to one, and increases the
possible gain per trick from 2 points to 9.

It is a noncommittal bid, as it may be made with great weakness or
moderate strength. With considerable Spade strength, however, two
Royals should be declared.

When the Third Hand has other than Spade strength, he will, of course,
bid in accordance with his holding, but it goes without saying that he
should make the best possible use of the accurate information he has
received. With four strong Spades, even with sufficient additional
strength to justify a weak No-trump, a Royal is generally preferable,
and with more than four Spades, two Royals is unquestionably the bid,
regardless of the strength of the remainder of the hand, unless, of
course, it contain the much looked for, but seldom found, four Aces.

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