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When To Bid Two No-trumps

An original bid of more than one No-trump is rarely advisable, as it is
important that the partner be given the option of bidding two of a
suit. With great strength such a call should never be made, as in that
case there is no good reason for attempting to shut out the adversary.
The only character of hand which justifies starting with two No-trumps
is the rare combination in which a long, solid suit of six or seven
Clubs or Diamonds is held, accompanied by an Ace or guarded King in at
least two of the remaining suits, the idea being to shut out adverse
Royals or Hearts.

Some players believe in bidding two No-trumps with "every Ace and not a
face," but that sort of an effort to "steal" the 100 is not justified
as the partner's hand may make a game, which could not be won at
No-trumps, obtainable in a suit declaration. A game with the incidental
score is worth much more than "one hundred Aces" and only two odd
tricks, or perchance an unfilled contract. It is also important that
the bid be limited to the one case mentioned, as in that way it gives
the most accurate information.

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