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There are several innovations and different methods of play which may
be introduced into the game of Napoleon, but any divergence from the
plain game should be carefully settled by the company before the play
is commenced. Failing a proper understanding on this point, the rules
applicable to the simple game must be adhered to.


When a pool is agreed to, payment is made by each dealer according to
the value of the stake of the game, but it is more convenient for all
of the players to pay in when it is the original dealer's turn to play.
The Kitty thus formed becomes the property of the caller who makes Nap,
and he takes it in addition to the double stakes he receives from
each player, as already mentioned. When it is found desirable to conclude
the game before a Nap has been secured, the amount of the kitty is to be
equally divided between the players, or it may be drawn for, in which case
a card is distributed to each player by the regular dealer, who has the
cards properly shuffled and cut for the purpose, when the holder of the
lowest card (ace here reckoning as highest) takes the pool.

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