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Third Hand

It requires a stronger hand to order or make the trump in this position
than in the eldest hand, since you cannot depend upon your partner's
lead, and he has displayed weakness by passing.

However, if you have a good hand at the turn-up, and are very strong at
next, it is better to order, since the stronger you are at next, the
greater the improbability that your partner will be able to make it

It is wise to see your way absolutely clear to three tricks before
ordering the right.

There are certain hands, however, which by their strength compel you to
order,--the right not being turned; and here are most of them.

Order with four trumps.
two bowers and another.
two bowers and outside ace.
three trumps and two aces.
three trumps and one suit, headed by ace.
right, ace, and another.
left, ace, king, and outside ace.
left, ace, king, and one suit.
left, ace, king, dependent upon the score.
left, king and another, and outside ace.
left, queen and another, and outside ace.

Order with ace, king and another, and outside ace.

If you ruff, it is usually well to beat the turn-up.

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