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The Salic Law


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • Only the cards on the surface of the king packets are available, until their removal as usual releases those beneath, but all the cards in each packet may be examined.

  • The foundations do not follow suit.

Take from the pack and place one king to begin the line of eight kings, that are to be successively placed in a horizontal row as they appear in the deal. On this first king you place all the cards as you deal them until the next king appears. You now place the cards as you deal them upon this second king, and you continue thus to deal out the whole pack, always heaping upon the last king that has appeared all the cards as they are dealt.
The eight aces are to form the foundation cards, and are to ascend in sequence to knaves (Rule II). When in the course of the deal any aces appear, they are to be immediately placed in a line above the king packets, and upon them any suitable cards (Rule I), and when the queens appear they are to be placed in a row above the foundations. The queens are merely placed to complete the final tableau, which, if the patience succeeds, consists of the eight queens above, the eight knaves finishing the foundations in the centre, and the eight kings below. You must continually examine the surface of the king packets to play any suitable cards on the foundations, and in so doing endeavor to free some of the kings entirely, for when the deal is ended you are allowed to place one card from any of the other packets (Rule I) on each king, and you must, of course, choose those cards that will release the greatest number of suitable cards for the foundations, for which purpose the whole packets may be examined. In this consists the entire play.
There is no re-deal.

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