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The Olga


Four Piquet Packs

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • Each card in the flower-bed must be turned face upward as soon as the card immediately below it is removed. The card so turned is then available.

  • Cards on the flower-bed may be placed in descending sequence upon each other (and cards from the pack or talon may also be placed in sequence on the flower-bed), but must be so placed in alternate colors, i.e., a black eight upon a red nine, and so on.

Deal out forty-nine cards in seven horizontal rows, each containing seven cards. This is called the flower-bed. In the first row the cards are placed face upward, in the second row face downward, and so on alternately, the seventh or last row being face upward. Should there not be space, each row may half cover the preceding one. The foundations consist of sixteen aces, ascending in sequence through sevens to kings (Rule I). When the flower-bed has been dealt, if any aces appear in the lowest row, play them in their allotted spaces, as also any deuces or other suitable cards, always turning the card above the one played, face upward. Available cards on the flower-bed (Rule II) may be placed in descending sequence on each other, but in alternate colors (Rule III). They may be transferred from one packet to another, and on doing this judiciously the success of the game depends. Cards from the pack or talon may also be placed in sequence (Rule III) on those of the flower-bed. [You are not obliged to play cards on the foundations, if to place them on the flower-bed seems more advantageous.] Continue to deal out the entire pack, playing on foundations, placing and transferring on the flower-bed, the unsuitable cards forming the talon. If you succeed in removing an entire perpendicular row of cards, the space at the top may be filled by any available card of the flower-bed (Rule II), and upon that card may be placed sequences (Rule III) as on the other rows.

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