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The Mill


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • All cards in the wings are available.

  • The five foundations do not follow suit.

Take from the pack one ace and place it in the centre before you; next deal out eight cards, grouping them round the ace to represent the wings of a windmill. The first four kings that appear in dealing are to be played in the four angles (see tableau). These, with the centre ace, form the five foundation cards. Each of the four kings is to descend in sequence to ace, while upon the centre ace four entire families are to be piled in sequences (Rule II).
Having placed the centre ace and the wings, take from the latter any kings for the foundations, or other suitable cards to play on them, or on the centre ace, filling up the spaces so made from the cards in your hand. Then proceed to deal out the remaining cards, turning them one by one, playing all whose value admit of it on the foundations. The cards that cannot be so used are placed aside in one packet, forming the talon.
Note.—The four families on the centre ace each begin with ace and end with king.
It is better to play cards from the talon rather than from the wings.
Vacancies in the wings must be immediately refilled from the pack or talon.
In forming the foundations, the uppermost card of either of the king packets may be transferred, if suitable, to the ace packet; but this privilege is limited to one card of each at a time, and may only be resorted to when the playing of that card would bring into immediate use any other available card of the wings or of the talon.
There is no re-deal.

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