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The Hemispheres


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • Only cards that belong to their proper hemisphere are available.

  • Cards of the wrong colors may be exchanged into their proper hemispheres whenever the opportunity occurs, and at the end of the game, when all the cards are dealt and the talon is exhausted, they may be transferred without an exchange.

  • Cards may only marry those belonging to their own Race, but cards from the talon may marry those of any Race.

  • The barriers cannot be moved till the end of the game, when they are played to complete the foundations.

  • All the foundations must follow suit.

Take from the pack and place as in tableau the four red aces and the four black kings.
Then place crossways a king of hearts and a king of diamonds, an ace of clubs and an ace of spades. The four latter cards are called barriers, and divide each Race.
The four black kings and the four red aces form the foundation cards, the aces ascending in sequence to kings, the kings descending in sequence to aces.
The red cards, representing Europeans and Asiatics, should inhabit the northern hemisphere; the black cards, representing Australians and Africans, the southern; but it is obvious that, in dealing and refilling vacancies, cards will often be found in the wrong hemispheres, and while there they cannot be used in any way.
Having placed the foundations and the barriers, deal out (from left to right, beginning from the king of hearts) a circle consisting of three cards between each barrier. These represent the four Races. From these Races you play, marry, and exchange all available cards subject to Rules I, II, III, and V.
Note.—The red suits marry in descending line; the black, in ascending line.
This done, you deal out the remainder of the pack, first refilling vacancies in the Races (proceeding from left to right, as in the original deal) and then playing all suitable cards. The rest form the talon, from which cards may marry those in the circle, subject to Rules I and III.
There is no re-deal.

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