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The Deal

31. Each player deals in his turn; the order of dealing is to the left.

32. The player on the dealer's right cuts the pack, and in dividing it
he must leave not fewer than four cards in each packet; if in cutting
or in replacing one of the two packets a card is exposed, or if there
is any confusion or doubt as to the exact place in which the pack was
divided, there must be a fresh cut.

33. When the player whose duty it is to cut has once separated the
pack, he can neither re-shuffle nor re-cut, except as provided in Law

34. Should the dealer shuffle the cards after the cut, the pack must be
cut again.

35. The fifty-two cards shall be dealt face downward. The deal is not
completed until the last card has been dealt.

36. In the event of a misdeal the cards must be dealt again by the same

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