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The Bridge

There is such a variety of opinion about the bridge that the writers do
not feel confident enough to express any decided view about the matter.

It is a complicated question from a mathematical point of view, and they
have never kept any record for a long enough period of time to be of any
practical value.

They doubt, however, the expediency of keeping the bridge strictly.

If, however, the bridge is to be kept at all, it should be kept always,
and in the same manner; otherwise you deceive your partner.

There is a growing tendency to abolish the bridge. The writers remember
distinctly not long ago when every one kept the bridge; now the same
players take their chances with two lay aces, or the ace and another in
trumps. This, however, is purely a matter of taste, and is not offered
here as an arbitrary rule.

Naturally, some hands will make four beyond a doubt; but it is much
harder to get an imperfect lone hand through against two good players
than against two inferior ones; hence the better the players, the less
is the value of the bridge against the ordinary lone hand.

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