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The Betting

52. All bets shall be deposited in the pool.

53. The first player to the left of the ante shall have first right to bet
after the draw, whether the ante-man have retired or not. The turn to bet
shall pass to each player from right to left, and each player shall stake a
sum at least equal to that staked by the preceding player.

54. If, when his turn comes, any player have not staked, and does not
stake a sum at least equal to that staked by the preceding player, such
player shall place his cards, face downwards, on the table, and shall
retire from the game, and shall forfeit his stake in that game.

55. A bet once made, whether made in proper turn or not, cannot be

56. A bet* is complete and irrevocable when the player making it has
deposited the amount in money or value on the table, and such deposit
shall be considered as a deposit into the pool.

*i.e.: The bet is the actual amount deposited, and the
player's statement that he intends or intended depositing
another amount is of no value.

57. The statement of his intention to bet, or to refrain from betting,
shall not invalidate the right of any player to bet or pass when his
turn comes.

58. If a player bet or raise the stake of a previous player, and no
other player call or raise him, such player wins the pool, and shall
not be compelled to show his hand.

59. When the bets of all the players are equal, each player in turn,
beginning with the player to the left of the last player, shall
show his hand, and the player with the best hand shall win the pool.

60. If a player's bet be raised, and such player have not funds to call
the raise, he may deposit in the pool whatever funds he has, and demand a
show for that amount. If, when the game is over, he prove to hold the best
hand, he shall claim from the pool the amount of the ante and straddle or
straddles (if any), and also a sum equal to his stake from every player
in the game at the time of his demanding a show, out of their stakes.
The holder of the next best hand shall claim the remainder of the pool.

61. A player demanding a show for a certain sum under the above rule,
shall not stop the game if there be other players who wish to continue
the betting, and he shall not show his hand until the game is over.

62. If a player borrow money to raise, he shall borrow to call.

63. If a player bet with a foul hand, he shall lose his stake.

64. If any player be found to have a foul hand at the end of the game,
he shall forfeit his stake; and if there be only one other player, that
player shall claim the pool; and if there be more than one other player,
the holder of the best hand shall claim the pool.

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