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Technical Terms Used In Euchre

"Right Bower," or "Right,"--knave of the trump suit, which is the
highest card.

"Left Bower," or "Left,"--knave of the same color as the trump suit,
which is the second best card.

"Alone,"--playing without your partner.

"Assist," or "Help,"--ordering up the trump when your partner deals.

"Announce,"--to declare the suit which shall be trumps.

"Bridge,"--when the score of the eldest hand is four to one or four to
two in his favor.

"Crossing the suit,"--making the trump of a different color from the
suit turned down.

"Next,"--to make a trump of the color turned down.

"Euchre,"--when the party making the trump fails to take three tricks.

"Hand,"--the five cards dealt to each player.

"Ordering up,"--requiring the dealer and his partner to play the trump
turned up.

"Pass,"--declining to order up, assist, adopt, or make the trump.

"March,"--taking five tricks.

"Love Game," "Slam," or "Double,"--where the score is five to nothing.

"Lap,"--is where more points are made than are necessary to win a game,
and are carried to the next game.

"Rubber,"--consists of three games.

When, however, a lap is made in the third game, a fourth must be played.

A "Lay Card," or an "Outsider,"--is a card of a different suit from the

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