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Robbing is one of the most important features of the game, inasmuch as if
the player who holds the ace of trumps omits to rob when his turn comes
round, he is de-barred from winning the pool that hand, even though he
may secure the necessary number of tricks.

The method of robbing if the ace is turned up, is for the dealer to place
one of his own cards on the table face downwards in front of him, which
card must not be exposed at any time during the progress of the hand.
He does not take the ace into his own hand until the others have
played to the first trick, but when it comes to his turn he adds it to his
hand, or he may at once use it. He must, however, throw out the card with
which he intends to rob the ace before the first card of the round is
played, and reasonable time must be allowed to do so. The turn-up suit
remains trump throughout the hand.

In the case of the ace not being turned up, and being in the hand of either
of the players, then the holder must rob the turn-up card when it comes
to his turn to play to the first trick. The manner of doing this is
somewhat similar to that just described; the holder of the ace rejects
a card placing it face downwards on the table, and takes the turn-up card
into his hand. He must do this when it is his turn to play, and before
showing his first card, otherwise he forfeits the privilege, and is,
moreover, prohibited from winning the pool that round, no matter how many
tricks he may secure. The same penalty is attached to the player who robs
the turn-up card without holding the ace.

As a variation, it may be agreed that robbing shall be optional,
or shall not be recognised as a part of the game.

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