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Right Of Entry

22. A candidate desiring to enter a table must declare his intention
before any player at the table cuts a card, whether for the purpose of
beginning a new rubber or of cutting out.

23. In the formation of new tables candidates who have not played at
any existing table have the prior right of entry. Others decide their
right to admission by cutting.

24. When one or more players belonging to an existing table aid in
making up a new one he or they shall be the last to cut out.

25. A player who cuts into one table, while belonging to another,
forfeits his prior right of reentry into the latter, unless he has
helped to form a new table. In this event he may signify his intention
of returning to his original table when his place at the new one can be

26. Should any player leave a table during the progress of a rubber, he
may, with the consent of the three others, appoint a substitute to play
during his absence; but such appointment shall become void upon the
conclusion of the rubber, and shall not in any way affect the
substitute's rights.

27. If any player break up a table the others have a prior right

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