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This is another variation of Pope Joan, or Spin, and is played on
similar lines. The seven of each suit is taken out to form stops,
and four cards are turned up in the middle of the table. These must
be the four principal cards, viz., ace, king, queen, and knave, but of
different suits, so that each of the four are represented in the pool;
say, for example, knave of diamonds, queen of hearts, king of clubs,
and ace of spades may be turned up.

The several players pay a coin or counter to form the first pool, and
may put it on whichever card of the four turned up they choose, provided
that all four are covered. The dealer pays one extra throughout the
game. The whole of the cards are then dealt, as nearly equal as
possible, as for Spin. Play proceeds as in that game, the holder of
the card immediately preceding those in the pool taking the stake upon
it when he plays his card. For this purpose the ace is considered both
as lowest and highest, so that, in the supposed cases given above, the
holders of king of spades, queen of clubs, knave of hearts, and ten of
diamonds become winners of pool stakes on playing out their respective
cards. These would in each case become stops, and the player would
have the right to play another card.

The one who first succeeds in clearing his hand wins the game, and
receives from each of the other competitors a stake for every remaining
card. The pool stakes cannot be taken unless the cards are played up
to, and if this is not done the amounts are carried on to the next deal.
The hints and fuller explanation given in Pope Joan and Spin should be
studied in connection with this game.

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