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Napoleon At St Helena


Two Entire Packs of Cards

  • Only cards in the lowest row are available, until a card in any other row is released by the removal of those below it, the principle being that no card can be used that has another below it.

  • The foundations must follow suit.

Deal out from left to right four rows of ten cards.
The eight aces, when they can be placed, form the foundation cards, and are to ascend in sequence to kings.
Should any aces appear in the lowest row, play them in their allotted spaces, and upon them any suitable cards to continue the foundations (Rule I).
You must now examine the tableau and endeavor by forming marriages (in descending line, and always subject to Rule I) to release other suitable cards. This, however, must be done with care, lest a sequence in a lower row may block a card above it which is much wanted, and might soon have been released.
If by these changes you can make a vacancy in the uppermost row (thus forming a perpendicular lane), it is of the greatest use. The vacancy may be refilled with any available card from the tableau or from the talon, but you are not obliged to refill it until a favorable opportunity occurs.
Note.—Some players only allow the vacancy to be filled from the talon.
The card so placed has all the privileges of the original card whose place it fills, and is treated in the same manner.
When there are no more available cards to play, proceed to deal out the remainder of the pack, turning the cards one by one, playing all suitable ones on the foundations, or placing them on the sequences of the tableau. The cards that cannot be so employed are laid aside in one packet, forming the talon.
There is no re-deal.

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