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One Entire Pack of Cards

  • The foundations follow suit.

  • The king foundations descend from ten to eight; the knaves, from seven to five; the queens, from four to two.

Withdraw from the pack all the court cards and place them in the form of an M, as in tableau. These twelve cards are the foundations. All the aces as they appear are to be placed in one packet in the M underneath the knaves. You next deal nine cards and place them in the form of an A (see tableau).
These are the help cards, and from them you play any that are suitable on to the foundations, the first played on a king being a ten, on a knave a seven, and on a queen a four (Rules I and II), filling the spaces from the pack in hand. You next proceed to deal out the whole pack, playing on the foundations, placing aces in the reserved space in the M, refilling vacancies in the A, and placing unsuitable cards in the talon.
If the game succeeds, the final tableau will form an M composed of the eights, the fives and the twos, the four aces being placed crossways in the centre.
The talon may be re-dealt once.

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