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Looking At The Spare Hand

Among amateurs and inexperienced players it is sometimes agreed that the
dealer shall look at the spare hand, so as to see what cards are stops;
but after a few rounds have been played, the absurdity of this rule will
be manifest. It gives so much advantage to the dealer, who can play
cards which he alone knows to be stops, that in such a case he ought to
stand out, no cards being dealt him that round. It is an altogether
objectionable variation, and not at all a necessary one.

Pope Joan is sometimes allowed to be played at any time in lieu of
a stop, thus: suppose a player has Pope and (say) knave of spades.
In the course of the game the nine of spades is played, and proves to
be a stop. The holder of Pope may play it in lieu of the ten of spades,
and then continue with his knave of that suit, first taking his winnings
on Pope.

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