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How To Lead To A Double

The question of what lead should be made when the partner has doubled
is comparatively simple, although the answer depends materially upon
whether the double has been of a No-trump or a suit declaration. When a
No-trump has been doubled, the original lead should invariably be the
suit the doubler has declared. When the doubler has not made any
declaration, the suit the leader has called should be opened. When
neither the doubler nor the leader has declared, a case that rarely
occurs, the lead should be either the best Club or the highest card of
the leader's shortest suit, depending upon which of these two
conventions the doubler approves.

The theory of the advocates of the Club convention is that it is
important for the doubler of a No-trump to know exactly what suit will
be led, and that he is more apt to desire Clubs than any other, as the
other suits, being of greater value, are more likely to be bid. The
argument of the advocates of the high card of the short suit convention
is that it enables a double to be made with any long suit.

The Club convention is much safer, and is used by most conservative

In the event of there being any doubt what the lead should be, if the
leader be fortunate enough to hold an Ace, it is good policy for him to
lead it for the purpose of taking a look. The contents of the Dummy
will probably furnish the desired information.

When a suit declaration has been doubled, a singleton is always an
advantageous opening. The lead of a high card is also advisable for the
purpose of taking a look. If the leader be without either a singleton
or high-card lead, his partner's suit is unquestionably his wisest

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