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Hints To Players


In deciding whether to stand on one's own cards, or whether to take the
miss, the amount in the pool is a matter for special consideration.
With a heavy stake to fight for, a player will run greater risks than
when a small amount is available. Therefore, the first question to
decide should be the amount per trick in the pool, as compared with the
amount to be paid if one is looed.

It is unwise to stand on any hand that does not contain a trump; but if
the cards are very high ones, and the amount in the pool warrants it,
the risk may be taken.

With very few exceptions a player should stand on two trumps,
however small, but the first player should have a tolerably high card,
in addition to two small trumps, other wise the hand is a risky one.

An honour in trumps and high cards in other suits are generally safe,
especially for the player who has to lead; indeed, the first player may
stand on almost any single trump, if his other cards are high ones of
different suits--queens at least.

King of trumps with small cards in other suits is generally safe,
although cautious players throw up such a hand. Very much depends on
the amount in the pool, although we should not reject such cards under
any conditions.

Queen or knave of trumps with small cards of other suits are matters
which must be left to individual opinion--based on the number of players
and the stake to be played for. They are undoubtedly risky hands, but
if one only stands on certainties half the amusement and all the
excitement vanishes.

After a few rounds have been played, a fair opinion can be formed as
to what cards are likely to make a trick, and if the sum in the pool is
considerable, risky cards may be kept, or the miss taken at an early stage,
although it must not be overlooked that the other players will likewise
stand on risky hands, and, as a consequence, there will be more
competition, with fewer chances of securing a trick.

The first hand should seldom take the miss, nor should either of the other
players if each of those in front of him has decided to stand on his own
cards, as it may be assumed that in such cases there is strength. With
five playing, two of whom have thrown up, miss may be taken, but with three
players standing on their own cards, miss should not be attempted.


The laws of the game define what shall be led with two or three trumps,
or with ace only (or king only, if ace is turned up), and therefore the
only hints necessary are when the leader has but one trump.

With one trump and high cards of other suits, the trump should be led if
several players remain in, but if only two or three are standing,
either of the others should be led, the higher of the two for

With one high trump and small other cards, we prefer leading the
smallest, relying on the second and third tricks for opportunities of
making our single trump.

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