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Explanation Of Terms

Available cards. Those that are not "blocked" by other cards, i.e., not forbidden by the particular rules of each game, to be used.
Released cards. Those which, by the removal of the cards that blocked them, have now become available.
Suitable cards. Those whose value and suit fit them to be played or placed in the tableaux.
Foundation cards. Those on which the Patience is formed. These are generally aces and kings.
Marriage. The placing a card of the same suit on the next one above or below it in value. Any number may be placed on each other in this way.
Sequence. The regular succession of cards ascending from ace to king, or descending from king to ace; a sequence need not be of one suit.
Value. The figures of the court cards, and the number of points of the minor ones.
Suit. Either hearts, spades, diamonds, or clubs.
Lane. An empty space in the tableau, which has been formed by the removal of an entire row of cards.
Talon. Cards which, being unsuitable at the moment, are laid aside in one or more packets till they can come into use.
To play cards. The placing them on the foundations in contradistinction to placing them elsewhere.
Re-deals. These are always in addition to the original deal.

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