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Entry And Re-entry

16. A candidate wishing to enter a table must declare such intention
before any of the players have cut a card, either for the purpose of
commencing a new rubber, or of cutting out.

17. In the formation of fresh tables, those candidates who have neither
belonged to nor played at any other table, have the prior right of
entry; the others decide their right of admission by cutting.

18. Any one quitting a table prior to the conclusion of a rubber may,
with the consent of the other three players, appoint a substitute in his
absence during that rubber.

19. Should a player leave a full table after he has played but one of
the two consecutive rubbers to which he is entitled, the candidate next
in order for entrance to the table takes his place, but must go out at
the end of one rubber, as his predecessor would have done.

20. A player cutting into one table while belonging to another, loses
his right of re-entry into the latter, and takes his chance of cutting
in as if he were a fresh candidate.

21. If any one break up a table, the remaining players have the prior
right to him of entry into any other; and should there not be vacancies
at such other table for all those candidates, they settle their
precedence by cutting.

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